10 beautiful serifs on Google Fonts you probably haven’t seen before.

Shambhavi Ojha
4 min readJun 22, 2021

Google Fonts is one of the best places on the internet to get free, open source fonts which are well designed and web friendly. It is an irreplaceable resource for designers, developers, business owners or anyone else looking for license free fonts for digital and physical products. The website itself has a neat interface where one can view multiple fonts side by side, change the font sizes/weights and make use of the detailed filtering options to narrow down type choices quicker. Before the days of Google Fonts, I would find myself scavenging for free typefaces on niche websites that I would find through blogs posted by a few generous designers.

Google Fonts: Landing Page

Today, there are countless sources on the web talking about the best free typefaces available, mostly on Google Fonts. Whenever I have needed legible, well designed fonts for a project, I’ve read through several of these helpful articles and followed their sound advice. But I am starting to notice that most of them mention the same few fonts over and over.

While these chosen few fonts are undoubtedly noteworthy in their own right, there are many other typefaces on Google Fonts which deserve attention but rarely get any. This is my attempt at curating some of the best serifs on the website which most people probably haven’t heard about. I have taken a mix of display and body fonts which have legibility, character and offer something a little different from the kind of fonts we’re typically used to seeing.

Please note that this list has been curated based on my opinion and my understanding of typography alone. I am in no way claiming that these fonts are better or worse than any other. This is my humble attempt at helping out somebody who might be looking for interesting fonts and doesn’t know where to begin, just like me a few years ago.

I am not going to get into the details of why good typography is important and how it affects the user’s interactions with a product because there are many people who have spoken about it in a much better way than I could.

Without further ado, behold my list of 10 beautiful and rarely seen serifs.

1. Alice by Cyreal

Download Alice here.

2. Averia Serif Libre by Dan Sayers

Download Averia Serif Libre here.

3. Caudex by Nidud

Download Caudex here.

4. Domine by Impallari Type

Download Domine here.

5. Gilda Display by Eduardo Tunni

Download Gilda Display here.

6. Kavoon by Viktoriya Grabowska

Download Kavoon here.

7. Literata by TypeTogether

Download Literata here.

8. Prata by Cyreal

Download Prata here.

9. Solway by Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya, The Northern Block

Download Solway here.

10. Viaoda Libre by Gydient, Vietanh Nguyen

Download Viaoda Libre here.

Note: In order to stay true to the type designer’s intent of creating the respective fonts, I have quoted their own guiding philosophy in the images shown above.

I hope this list of fonts will inspire your latest creation or help solve a typographic dilemma in your ongoing project. If you found this list useful, do let me know and I’ll do a series for sans serifs, body fonts, display fonts and fonts with beautiful numerals too. And, if you know of any typefaces on Google Fonts, which don’t get the attention they deserve, please do share in the comments.



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